Rituals of Time


MeisterSinger takes his time and celebrates the value of the beautiful habit.

We set up our life, if we take ourselves regularly and sufficiently time for the things, which are important to us. No matter whether we tie the perfect tie knot with devotion or simply enjoy the indispensable morning coffee: Such rituals cannot be accelerated, and they are not charged by the second. They become better and more valuable if you take your time for them.

MeisterSinger has dedicated itself to this idea. Our concept of one-hand watches is based on it, the way we make watches and business and how we meet people and topics. Friends of MeisterSinger watches know the pleasant feeling not to be rushed by time, but to shape it.

Join us, take a look at our campaign and experience moments of peace and concentration during your personal ritual of the day.

Special moments deserve perfection down to the finest detail

MeisterSinger celebrates the time it takes not to do something in between, but to do it considerately and thoughtfully.

Only those who invest time get quality back


When we tune a guitar, we ignore everything else around us. We concentrate on every note – until everything is right. MeisterSinger embodies the time when you decide when something is good enough.

Time is for pleasure


The ideal beans, the right pressure – we enjoy the best espresso all the more if we take the time to prepare it and make it better and better.

Rituals of Time” of the MeisterSinger fans


On Facebook we asked our fans to send us their most beautiful rituals as a photo. We gathered over 60 very personal moments: from father/daughter naps to homemade noodles to important decisions in the shower.

You can find even more rituals of our Facebook fans here.