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Outstanding dynamism

MeisterSinger receives the coveted Red Dot Award for the Salthora Meta X.


The combination of the ‘jumping hour’ and a rugged, sporty design made the

Salthora Meta X a conversation piece at the Baselworld 2017 and the watch has now won the prestigious Red Dot Award for its outstanding design. The international jury of experts, which had the black-red version of the Meta X to judge by, acknowledged MeisterSinger for its skillful design.

The Salthora Meta X only looks like a typical MeisterSinger watch at second glance: In actual fact, however, Manfred Brassler, the founder and designer of MeisterSinger watches, remained true to the brand‘s design codes when creating this unique timepiece. In keeping with MeisterSinger tradition, the watch has only one single hand. The circumferential minute scales on the dial and the bezel are all depicted in double digits and feature functional, instrument-like typography, just like the hour display.

All Salthora models are fitted with a distinguishing ‘jumping hour’ window at 12 o’clock. As each hour comes around, the digit in the window instantly jumps forward with great precision. A module especially designed for MeisterSinger gathers the energy for this ‘jump’ over a 60-minute period and the tension that gradually builds up in the actuating lever delivers the required power

The Meta X emphasizes the dynamic character of this horological specialty and renders it in both design and function. The well-protected sides make the case, which is water-resistant down to 200 meters’ depth, extremely robust and the rotatable bezel enables the wearer to measure short periods of time both in water and on dry land. The white hour disk gives the black-red Meta X a highly energetic look. MeisterSinger has also designed highly appealing black-green and dark blue versions.

This year, the Red Dot Award jury examined and discussed products submitted by well-known manufacturers from 59 different countries. The fact that the Salthora Meta X was considered outstanding is further affirmation of MeisterSinger’s design ideals and prospects for development.