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The MeisterSinger Singulator – A single-hand revolution

Winner of the coveted “Red Dot Award”.

Even in the life of a single-hand watch wearer, there may be times when seconds and minutes count.  For such times MeisterSinger has created the Singulator, the world’s first single-hand watch that utilises single-hand technology to show the time in hours, minutes and seconds.  

The MeisterSinger philosophy is that of a relaxed perception of time.  But when time is dependent on the exact minute and second, the wearer can read the minutes from the small auxiliary top dial and seconds from the dial below.  Hopefully these rare moments in the life of a MeisterSinger owner.

To bring together the three functions of keeping the hour, minute and second in tune with the principal of the single-hand watch; MeisterSinger had to invent a new gear wheel.  The special arrangement of the small minute-hand and second-hand indicators fails with normal gear wheels.  Too much use causes the time indicator to be imprecise.  In place of the gear wheel, a spring wheel provides the Singulator with the highest level of precision.  Using new technology, LIGA, a play-free cog that guarantees accuracy was developed.  

While the sapphire glass gives a clear view of the dial, the exhibition back allows the wearer to look into the heart of the Singulator – the intricate Unitas 6497 hand-wound movement.  The technical refinements of the swan neck movement and the minuscule fine screws of the screw-balance (exactly 50,000 of these screws fit into a thimble) will make every watch lover’s heart beat faster.  The dial is in four colours, white, black, ivory and brown with toning crocodile strap and a choice of buckle or deployment clasp.

It’s as simple as that – even though MeisterSinger practically had to reinvent the wheel to do it.  A MeisterPiece from MeisterSinger.  And such was the standard of design that in 2010 the MeisterSinger Singulator was awarded the coveted Red Dot award.