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Automatically Number one

MeisterSingers N° 03: We can not make the time more easy for you.

At the first glance, this automatic watch no 03 is hardly not to be differentiated from it’s “Sister Model” MeisterSingers N° 01 that has to be wounded by hand,. And it’s good like this, because the No 01 is considered classic among watch fanciers. The typical clear Look of the watch leads its carrier to the heart of the brand and reflects the principle of simple elegance: The fine hand of the watch and a very clear typography of the dial are evidence of symmetry and balance. No sweep hand, no minute hand, no date, no trailing pointer, no second or third time zone and no winding of the watch. Only by the power of arm – swinging, the spring readjusts itself. And so it could possibly happen that you forget about time just by looking at it – totally automatically

The classics of MeisterSinger are available in two dimensions and different colours: silver - white, classic ivory, and sun decor anthracite (43mm). Furthermore, the black dial is available in two alternatives: hands and figures in white and red gold.