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MeisterSinger’s "Sundial for the wrist"

MeisterSinger has created and crafted a stunningly simple ‘sundial for the wrist’.


The classic good looks of the MeisterSinger N° 01 take you straight to the heart of the brand. Symmetry and balance are key, giving the wearer a feeling of relaxation and serenity, brought about by balancing the watch dial with all two-digit numbers and by adding a preceding zero to the single numbers. 

The 43mm stainless case is fashionably big, or for those who prefer something smaller there is a 38mm case. And with an ETA hand-wound movement, a choice of ivory, white, sunburst anthracite or black dial protected by a sapphire glass and water-resistant to 5 bar, the MeisterSinger N° 01 is the perfect introduction to MeisterSinger’s exquisitely simple single-hand watches.