MeisterSinger tijdschrift

Achter de schermen

Inzicht in het dagelijks leven van het MeisterSinger team.

The MeisterSingers introduced: Jens Bierwirth

From freelance media designer to award-winning art director. Jens lives with his husband and mother-in-law in the family-friendly district of

Die MeisterSinger vorgestellt: Jelka Wiens

Our service angel In January, Jelka had her 10th MeisterSinger anniversary. Today we can hardly imagine how it could have

The MeisterSinger introduced: Nico

Number 1 on the MeisterSinger Bridge Nico is our man of the first hour and a real family man. The

Time for change

MeisterSinger reports on exciting changes in the social media and gives an outlook on the coming period.