MeisterSinger tijdschrift

The invention of the gear wheel

As early as 300 years before our era, a wooden wheel with pegs stuck into its circumference was the first gear wheel to be used. Two more millennia passed before the invention was used to measure time in clockworks.

The MeisterSinger introduced: Nico

Number 1 on the MeisterSinger Bridge Nico is our man of the first hour and a real family man. The

Time for change

MeisterSinger reports on exciting changes in the social media and gives an outlook on the coming period.

Celestial moment

MeisterSingers Astroscope wins the German Design Award 2021 What all MeisterSinger watches have in common is that they display the

N° 03 Bronze Line

This instrument measures summer days The N° 03 has long been a design classic – and a fine example of

Art and craftsmanship – 100 Years of Bauhaus

What are MeisterSinger-watches doing at a Bauhaus exhibition? stilwerk Düsseldorf is currently hosting the exhibition “Re:Form – Homage to 100