This instrument measures summer days

The N° 03 has long been a design classic – and a fine example of how the character of a watch can change through the use of other materials and structures. With its bronze case and dark blue dial, the “Bronze Line” version of the N° 03 is not for the writing desk, but for long summer days on the road, on the coast, in the country or outside in front of your favourite bar. This makes it our Watch of the Month.

Bronze for discoverers

Timepieces with only one hand are standing naturally in the tradition of sundials. Today only used as decoration, they were once indispensable for the division of the daily run, sort of early scientific instruments. MeisterSinger watches have also always been inspired by historical measuring instruments, with pure design and a clean typography.

So launching the “Bronze Line” was only a logical step. Watches that are encased in the same case material that used to protect valuable scientific equipment from moisture, shock and temperature fluctuations. And this, it is not at all overstated, made the great scientific expeditions of the 18th and 19th centuries possible.

Patina and small scars

The alloy that MeisterSinger has chosen for its bronze cases protects the watches in all its adventures, but preserves their traces: after a while, a patina forms on the surface which reproduces the finish of the case and the small scratches and scars that life leaves on it. Our Watch of the Month is therefore also delivered vacuum-packed so that the bronze remains flawless until it is first worn. The more the wearer lets his watch age on the outside and does not remove the patina, the greater will be the contrast between the case and the shimmering blue dial. Its sunburst ensures that it shines sometimes brighter, sometimes darker and reflects the summer sun.

Of course, this fits perfectly to a casual outfit or looks gorgeous on tanned skin, certainly also combined with a coloured nylon strap. And maybe the N° 03 in bronze is something for the office after all. It clearly shows that its wearer still has plans for the beautiful summer day.