Achter de schermen

The MeisterSingers introduced: Jens Bierwirth

From freelance media designer to award-winning art director.

Jens lives with his husband and mother-in-law in the family-friendly district of Münster-Gievenbeck. The Münster resident by choice has left his home in the Harz mountains of Lower Saxony and the intermediate stations of Marburg and Hanover behind him and has now been living in our beautiful university city for a whole decade. Jens is rather a quiet contemporary and therefore we are not surprised that he also shares his life with five cats. When he’s not indulging his cooking and baking passions in his spare time, he finds his daily dose of relaxation by gaming on a variety of consoles.

Place in the movement:

Jens and MeisterSinger met in the winter of 2011 when our managing director was looking for someone to teach him how to use a design programme. At the beginning of 2012, Jens then worked permanently for MeisterSingers as a freelancer. After six years of freelance work, we employed him full-time in communication and product design and are happy about it every day. As art director, Jens is now responsible for all graphic design and has hit the big time with his first own clock design (The Astroscope). From magazine ads to advertising posters to packaging design, Jens is our all-round designer.

Jens on his work at Your MeisterSingers:

“If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would one day receive an award for designing my own watch, I would probably have laughed at that person. Working at Your MeisterSingers has allowed me to grow personally and professionally and has influenced me positively on different levels.
In any case, it never gets boring and it remains varied.
I like being here and am happy to be able to help shape the future of MeisterSingers. In the truest sense of the word.