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The MeisterSinger introduced: Nico

Number 1 on the MeisterSinger Bridge

Nico is our man of the first hour and a real family man. The married father of two children shares his life with two cats and a dog in addition to his family. Nico has family and social values in his blood, so it was a natural choice for him to focus his professional career on the social sector in the first place, with training and studies. It’s just good for us that Nico changed his professional orientation after his studies – after all, he completed a commercial apprenticeship after gaining initial experience in the furniture retail trade. You need to have that much stamina.

In his free time, Nico enjoys endurance sports. He boxes and keeps fit, but because he also needs to rest from time to time, he regularly goes out into nature for long walks with the dog at his side. When he is not playing football, he enjoys soul music from the 60s and 70s. A very versatile person.

Place in the movement

In 2005 Nico became the first permanent employee of MeisterSinger. He is our specialist for order processing and logistics. But Nico can do even more: he is someone who is always trying to improve old structures, build new ones and solve problems – a real doer. Because he is involved from the very beginning, he certainly has the best overview and is as deeply involved in the MeisterSinger matter as hardly anyone else.

Nico about his work at MeisterSinger

“Before the interview at MeisterSinger, I said to my wife: It’s probably one of those small, young “startup watch brands” that a guy sets up from his flat and a friend of his does the bookkeeping. And that is exactly how it was. In the beginning there were three of us. But MeisterSinger grew fast, everything grew bigger from year to year. The premises, the number of employees, the production quantities, the turnover and of course the problems associated with it.

And this is exactly what I still enjoy doing in my work to this day: getting problems out of the way, creating new structures in the constant change of time and watching the company grow.”