A relaxed way of experiencing time

Reading the time on a single-hand watch takes little practice and is then super easy, even intuitive. The hour hand rotates 360 ° twice a day and precisely points to the fine five-minute markings around the dial. In this way, the time can be read almost to the minute.

Single-hand watches literally point to that one fleeting moment in time, our true reality, and thus convey a tranquil sense of time.

The history of single-hand watches

The beginning of measuring time

Time measurement began around 6000 years ago. This is where the first sundials were made - the very first single-hand clocks.

The first mechanical timepieces were not made until the 14th century. Monks built simple mechanical devices that made bells ring at regular intervals - the forerunners of clocks.

The first single-hand watches

Inspired by the sundial, all church towers, town houses, table and wall clocks as well as the first portable watches were equipped with a single hand until the middle of the 18th century.

They showed how the day progressed, when it was time to rest or to finish work in the evening. They gave an overview.

Historical tower clocks with only one hand can still be found all over the world today. Including Westminster Abbey in London.

Westminster Abbey

Nuremberg egg

Toulouse cathedral

"Eisenuhr" table clock, 16th century

The second hand

Only the modern age and the onset of industrialization made it necessary to think in ever shorter periods of time. The clocks were given minute and second hands, the fast running of which kept the passing of precious time in mind.

Back to the origin

MeisterSinger single-hand watches

Today, everything is done to save time: technology is optimized, processes are simplified and communication is accelerated. While we try to gain time in every way possible, we hurry from appointment to appointment, determined by minutes and seconds.

It sounds paradoxical that a glance at a watch can help you relax. And yet it's possible when reading the time on a MeisterSinger single-hand watch.

MeisterSinger goes back to the beginnings of watchmaking and shows us today how soothing it can be to read the time in the simplest possible way. And maybe experience that time seems to pass more slowly. This way we can enjoy how much time there is in each hour.

The rediscovery of time

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