The founder Manfred Brassler – How it all began

MeisterSinger is widely known for simply elegant and functionally designed single-hand watches. But why single-hand watches?

“My vision was a watch brand that goes way back to the early days of measuring time. A watch that is inherent to original measuring instruments not just in terms of  precision but also aesthetics and fascinating charisma. A watch which design is according to all rules of simplicity. Concentration on the essentials in design - pure nonchalance in its representation of time."

Reading the time: Simple, intuitive, relaxing

In recent years, our perception of time has undergone a fundamental change.

The digital revolution is accelerating us, our lifestyles and everything around us. We believe: It is time to think back to our origins. To a world in which time still belonged to us - and not the other way around.

MeisterSinger single-hand watches make a small contribution to experience time in a more relaxed manner and find peace and strength within us that is often lacking on the outside.

It's not the minutes and seconds that count - it's the moment.

If you had to explain the word “time” to an alien - what would you say?

Dealing with the phenomenon of time is highly complex and then again very easy.

For MeisterSinger, it's not the seconds or minutes that count. We will never live in the future nor in the past. With our single-hand watches, we want to point to the infinitely fine moment in time. The moment that is difficult to grasp, but can certainly be felt. The relaxed way of reading the time.

Back to the future

Single-hand watches: A concept with tradition

Church towers, townhouses, table and wall clocks as well as the first portable watches - all of them had a single-hand until the 18th century.

Only the modern age and the onset of industrialization made it necessary to think in ever shorter periods of time. The clocks were given minute and second hands, the fast running of which kept the passing of precious time in mind.

MeisterSinger literally goes back to the beginnings of watchmaking and shows today how relaxing it is to read and experience time in the original way.

Design according to all rules of simplicity

The N°01, the original MeisterSinger wristwatch, looks just as fresh today as it did 20 years ago. It has the typical design characteristics of every MeisterSinger.

The needle-fine, single hand, the functional typography with its complete set of double-digit hour numerals and the the circumferential five-minute divisions.

Today, the N°01, together with the N°03 automatic version, are regarded as icons and classics that combine every aspect: Balanced, unmistakable design, excellent Swiss watch technology, and the special charm of simplicity.

Own movement and module developments

Technical sophistication

MeisterSinger not only stands for single-hand watches and a relaxed way of keeping time. But also for technical innovation.

The movement specially developed by MeisterSinger is one of the technical milestones. The introduction of the MSH01 in 2016 with its two barrels and a 120-hour power reserve has delighted our fans and experts from the start. With the design of the unique bridge, we merged the technical with the aesthetic ideals of MeisterSinger. The movement was the first movement ever to be awarded the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.

With module developments such as the jumping hour, a large moon phase or the almost forgotten complication “Sonnerie au Passage”, MeisterSinger once again proves its technical ideals.

Brand name and logo

The “Meistersinger” were a group of middle-class poets and singers in the 15th and 16th centuries who joined forces to form a guild. They were mainly centered around Augsburg, Nuremberg, Strasbourg, and Frankfurt am Main.

In his opera “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg,” Richard Wagner tells the story of a singing competition among the “Meistersinger.” The one who knew best how to strike a new note was chosen as the best singer or “Meistersinger.”

The single hour hand of MeisterSinger wristwatches conveys a feeling of deceleration – and that’s why the MeisterSinger logo is the fermata – the sign of a rest in musical notation.