Behind the scenes

Die MeisterSinger vorgestellt: Jelka Wiens

Our service angel

In January, Jelka had her 10th MeisterSinger anniversary. Today we can hardly imagine how it could have been without her. Anyone who reads the MeisterSinger presentations carefully will realise by now at the latest that our employees are very close to the company and like to put down their roots with us in the long term. It is therefore not surprising that Jelka became a mother twice duringnher time with us and then returned to us, fortunately. She enjoys spending time with her large family or friends, keeping fit with running and – how could it be otherwise – a team sport: handball. She never gets bored, because there is always enough to do around the house and in her own garden.

Space in the factory

Jelka joined MeisterSinger more than 10 years ago – on the recommendation of her friend and colleague Bianca. From the very beginning, she declared the service to be her heart’s project and thus made it what it is today. Before, no one was really responsible for this important area. Whether repairs or complaints, whether procuring spare parts or looking after internal and external workshops; it wouldn’t work without Jelka with her talent for dealing with people. She is one of those people who always keeps an overview, even in the most stressful times.

Jelka about her work at MeisterSinger

I am 100% behind MeisterSinger and our products. I really enjoy my job here, which is not least due to the good working atmosphere and the team
spirit. But our customers, who are usually very pleasant, don’t make it difficult for me to like my work either. That’s why I also really enjoy customer contact with the end customer.