Behind the scenes

The MeisterSingers introduced: Bianca

Our Münster “U(h)rgestein”

Bianca rides her leeze to work in all weathers – leeze and malochen are words from Münster’s masematte (a small linguistic peculiarity of the cathedral city). As a special language, the regional sociolect is deeply rooted in its inhabitants and because Bianca has her roots here, she comes and goes to work with her leeze and not by bicycle in High German.  Bianca always means the typical Münster down-to-earthness. She is a very level-headed colleague and that’s why we consider ourselves lucky that after 15 years in the furniture and children’s furniture industry, she was looking for something new. Eventually, her path led to MeisterSinger, where she has been an integral part of the team for 10 years now.

A small fact on the side: our colleague had applied on her own initiative at the time, but there was no vacancy at MeisterSinger at that time. A few months later, the situation looked different and MeisterSinger sent her an invitation for an interview. In the end, what belongs together came together and we are very happy about it.

Place in the movement

Bianca is responsible for the support and order processing of German and Austrian customers. She is our specialist for internal sales; in close cooperation with the field service, she looks after the specialist dealers in Germany and Austria. Bianca is not only the most important interface between inside and outside, she can do a lot more: whether it’s processing orders in our online shop, or working for our brand at customer events for dealers – she is a real all-rounder and always reliable.
She is also responsible for organising international sales meetings with the relevant partners and organising appointments at Baselworld. She is our organisational talent.

Bianca about her work at MeisterSinger:
“Even after 10 years, I still enjoy working in the company every day. After all this time, very nice and cordial contacts have developed with the specialist dealers, with many nice telephone calls. It was always exciting to get to know each other in person at trade fairs, when you got to know each other’s voices on the phone.”