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Here you can share your opinions about us and MeisterSinger. We are very much looking forward to your comments. For questions or suggestions, please use our contact form. Please note that guestbook entries will be published within 2-3 working days.

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Meine 3Z finde ich immer noch schön, jedoch finde ich den Service bei Funktionsproblemen nach 3 Jahren unbefriedigend. Schade!

Bernhard Nilles from Lüneburg 19.09.11


Great task ! Your website has supplied me most of the help and advice I expected .

Locksmith Rancho Cucamonga 13.09.11


Somebody in France said recently that reaching 50 and not having a R...x means having failed. I appreciate a lot the esthetics and the discretion of my Perigraph, all the opposite. Just "select".

Olivier Carbonneaux from Etampes 05.09.11


Die Uhren sind echt absolute Oberklasse, ich verlasse ohne meine Granmatik eigentlich schon garnicht mehr die Wohnung.



Nils Meier from Berlin 05.08.11


Several weeks back, I have left compliments here and I could have been convinced that they won't be overridden by numerous other feedback. I am astonished that actually quite a number of you guys have been so expressive with exactly what you really feel. I definitely love to hear from you although I every now and then find it really hard to figure out what others are attempting to voice.

Lincoln City Hotels 03.08.11


When I wear my Perigraph I'm special.

Herman Vegter from Diemen (Holland) 24.07.11