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Here you can share your opinions about us and MeisterSinger. We are very much looking forward to your comments. For questions or suggestions, please use our contact form. Please note that guestbook entries will be published within 2-3 working days.

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Sehr schöne Uhren, weiter so ! Grüße !

Oliver Z. 08.08.12


I'm just watching your watches on tyhe internet at the moment and saving money to buy it. But as far as I saw Meistersinger is the best watch I've ever seen. Thank you...

Aytac Togay from Ankara - Turkey 02.08.12


I just ordered my first Meistersinger, a no. 3, 43 mm. with a brown strap at the juwelry store in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Within a week or so, I can pick up this beautiful watch!

John ter Meer from Eindhoven 31.07.12


Just bought my first MeisterSinger, the Pangea mechanical. Just the best watch out there!

Kamran Haq from Toronto 04.07.12


Vielen Dank nochmals für den SUPER SERVICE meiner Uhr. MEISTERSINGER ist nur weiter zu empfehlen.
Bernd Hugo

Bernd Hugo from 34266 Niestetal 25.06.12


Sinds afgelopen zaterdag de trotse eigenaar van een MeisterSinger No.3

Frank de Vries from Almelo 25.06.12