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Here you can share your opinions about us and MeisterSinger. We are very much looking forward to your comments. For questions or suggestions, please use our contact form. Please note that guestbook entries will be published within 2-3 working days.

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MeisterSinger NL Limited Edition 2011. What a beauty. Can't stop looking at it.

Bob Coster from The Hague 10.10.12


habe auch die Neo 1Z kann nur sagen klasse material

Sussane Breiter from Stuttgart 09.10.12


Weitere Bilder und ggf. Animationen eurer Uhren wären fantastisch!

Da muss ich mich der Meinung von Manly anschließen. Verwendet Ihr Nickel?

Beste Grüße Sandy

Sandy Kretzschmer 11.09.12


I am the proud owner of a Perigraph with date but had to go to a lot of digging to get it as you do not have a dealer in western Canada. I really would suggest Rodeo Jewelers as a dealer with a great reputation for quality and service. I will be watching your catalogue for new, creative items.

Peter Rosen from Vancouver, BC, Canada 31.08.12


Ich hab mir wieder eine gekauft und bin begeistert!

Hans Groß 17.08.12


In our family we've established a 'tradition': on their graduation we give our sons the No. 3 single hand Meistersinger watch, off white, with brown strap. In a few years we will need one for our daughter too, but smallest size in the single hand watches is 38 mm, which is too big for her wrist. Apart from that, I think there defenitely would be a market for the single hand men's watches in a smaller ladies version. The design is too special and good (and 'timeless') to let such an opportunity pass! Simple, sturdy and, because of its single hand which makes people wonder, a spontaneous conversation starter.

Monique d\'Engelbronner from Haarlem, Netherlands 08.08.12