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“Strap Your MeisterSinger” Terms of Participation


Zu den deutschen Teilnahmebedingungen (to the German terms of participation)


I.          Event Organizer

The organizer of the sweepstakes is MeisterSinger GmbH & Co. KG, Hafenweg 46, 48155 Münster, Managing Director: Manfred Brassler, registry court: District Court of Münster, registry number: HRB 151060, VAT identification number: DE 814 975 332 (hereinafter referred to as: “Organizer”). This sweepstakes is not affiliated with Instagram in any manner and is not sponsored, supported, or organized by Instagram in any way. Instagram is in no way responsible for this sweepstakes. All questions, comments, or complaints regarding this sweepstakes should not be directed towards Instagram, but rather towards

II.          Terms of Participation

1. Only natural persons at least 18 years of age at the time of participation are entitled to participate in this sweepstakes. Employees of MeisterSinger GmbH & Co. KG, as well as their relatives, and all persons involved in the conceptualization and execution of this sweepstakes, are hereby excluded from participation.

2. By participating in this sweepstakes, the participant hereby declares their consent to have their name published (first and last name) on the MeisterSinger fan page on Instagram, should they be selected as the winner.

III.          Participation

1. In order to take part in the sweepstakes, you must:

  • Be a follower of @meistersinger_watches on Instagram
  • Take a photograph of a MeisterSinger watch with your favorite strap
  • Tag @meistersinger_watches on the photo and use the hashtag #StrapYourMeisterSinger”

2. The promotional period for participation shall begin on 06/12/2017 and end on 06/18/2017 at 11:59 PM (CEST).

3. Each participant may submit as many photos as they like during this promotional period.

4. On 06/19/2017, a jury shall select the winner. The winner will be announced that same day on the MeisterSinger Instagram page. The following prizes are offered as rewards:

1st place: MeisterSinger Vintage strap
2nd place: MeisterSinger velour leather strap
3rd place: MeisterSinger calf leather strap

5. The winner will be informed that they have won via Instagram message, by 06/19/2017, and will be requested to provide their full name and mailing address where their prize should be shipped. If we are unable to reach the winner within 5 business days following three attempts to establish contact, the prize shall be forfeited and assigned to another participant, who shall also be selected by a jury. The winner shall be announced by his or her Instagram name on the MeisterSinger fan page on Instagram.


IV.          Photo Submissions

1. By sending in a submission, the participant ensures that the content they have provides is free from third party rights, in particular from personal rights held by those persons pictured or represented in some other manner. In case of a violation of these provisions, the participant shall indemnify Organizer against any claims by third parties.

2. All images sent in by participants shall be reviewed for offensive or objectionable content before publication, and shall only be approved for publication by Organizer thereafter. Participants shall have no right to have submitted images included in the competition.

3. By sending in a photo, the participant grants Organizer the following rights:

All rights to the submitted photo shall be assigned to MeisterSinger, insofar as possible. The participant shall retain the right to be named as the copyright holder of the image. Insofar as rights cannot be assigned, the Participant shall grant MeisterSinger a worldwide, exclusive, and free right of use for an indefinite period of time. This right of use shall include, but not be limited to, the right to duplicate, distribute, send, present, and make the image publicly available through social networks, including for advertising purposes. In particular, the right of use shall include distribution through the MeisterSinger fan page on Instagram and Facebook.


V.          Limitation of Liability

1. Organizer shall accept no liability for incorrect information or printing errors made in advertisements for the sweepstakes.

2. Furthermore, Organizer shall accept no liability for damages which may occur in association with the distribution of prizes, unless said damages are caused by malicious and intentional actions or gross negligence by Organizer.


VI.          Early Termination, Exclusion

1. Organizer shall reserve the right to suspend and cancel the sweepstakes for just cause. A cancellation for just cause may take place, in particular, if it is no longer possible to ensure the sweepstakes can be completed in an orderly fashion for technical or legal reasons. In such cases, participants shall have no claims against Organizer.

2. Organizer shall be entitled to exclude individual persons from participation, insofar as there is just cause to do so, such as violation of the Terms of Participation, (attempts at) manipulation, etc., and shall reserve the right to take legal action in such cases. If there is just cause for exclusion, prizes may be denied or reclaimed, even after the sweepstakes. An exclusion for just cause shall entitle the participant to no claims against Organizer.

3. Organizer shall reserve the right to change the Terms of Participation or expand the temporal or geographical scope of the sweepstakes, or to limit said scope, or to vary the content of the prizes, insofar as there are objective reasons for doing so and insofar as the change is appropriate. Organizer shall undertake to announce the new conditions or any canceled prizes over its website. In such cases, participants shall have no claims against Organizer.

VII.          Other

Cash payments / exchanges for prizes are hereby excluded. Prize claims are non-transferable. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

VIII.          Severability Clause

If individual provisions of these Terms of Participation shall be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining Terms of Participation. An appropriate regulation shall take the place of the invalid provision that best corresponds to its purpose.


Data Privacy Declaration

MeisterSinger GmbH & Co. KG takes data privacy very seriously.

All personal data will be collected, saved, and used in accordance with our current data privacy policy. In the following data privacy provisions, we will explain which participant data will be collected, saved, and used for the execution of the sweepstakes.

1. Type of Data

Only the personal data shared by winners is collected during this sweepstakes. This data includes the winner's first and last name and mailing address.

2. Use of Data

The data listed in Section 1 shall be saved by MeisterSinger GmbH & Co. KG and used for the execution of this sweepstakes (in particular, to determine and inform the winner). Data shall not be used for other purposes. After the sweepstakes has been ended and fully completed, all saved data shall be deleted, insofar as MeisterSinger GmbH & Co. KG is not legally obligated to retain said data for a longer period of time.

3. Right to Information, Notification, and Withdrawal

The participant shall have the right to information or notifications regarding their data in accordance with statutory requirements, and may withdraw their granted permission to process their data at any time in text form by sending an e-mail to (subject “Withdrawal”) or by mail (to MeisterSinger GmbH & Co. KG, Hafenweg 46, 48155 Münster, subject “Withdrawal”). The withdrawal shall remain effective for the indefinite future. By submitting a withdrawal, the participant also automatically withdraws from the sweepstakes.

4. Data Handling by Instagram

MeisterSinger GmbH & Co. KG shall only be responsible for its own collection, handling, and use of personal data requested within the framework of this sweepstakes. Instagram shall be responsible for all other manners in which data is used by Instagram. Further information regarding the collection, saving, and use of your data by Instagram is available in the Instagram data privacy regulations.