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Rituals of Time

MeisterSinger takes time to celebrate the beauty of meaningful rituals

We build a strong foundation for our lives when we regularly – and sufficiently – take time for the things that are important to us. It doesn’t matter if we are passionately devoted to tying the perfect knot in our necktie or simply taking time to enjoy an essential morning coffee: such rituals cannot be sped up, and they are not counted in seconds. They are always better and more meaningful when you take time for yourself.

MeisterSinger is committed to the idea that good things take time and need to be approached with devotion. Our single-hand watch concept, the way we do business, the way we make watches and how we deal with people and issues are all based on this idea. Devotees of MeisterSinger watches know the pleasant feeling of not letting time rush them along, but of shaping it as they please.

Join us, have a look at our campaign and enjoy moments of tranquility and focus during your personal ritual of the day.



Special moments deserve perfection in detail

MeisterSinger celebrates the time that it takes to do something not just in passing, but calmly and with careful reflection.

Only he who invests time is repaid with quality

When tuning a guitar, we blank out everything else around us. We focus on each sound – until everything is at the right pitch. MeisterSinger embodies this time when you yourself decide if something is good enough.

Time exists to let us savor it

Rituals make good things even better. The preparation of an espresso is more than a touch of a button. It is the time it takes to enjoy it in its perfection.

"Rituals of Time" of the MeisterSinger Fans


On Facebook we asked our fans to send us their most beautiful rituals as a picture. Altogether we received about 60 personal moments: from a father–daughter afternoon nap, to homemade noodles, and all the way to important decisions made in the shower.

More rituals of our facebook fans can be found here.