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MeisterSinger Distribution Newsletter September 2016

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Dear partners and friends of MeisterSinger,

we hope that you all are doing fine and you’re ready for the end of the year season.

With this newsletter we want to inform you about some practical and other business matters.

Business worldwide and a small warning

It won’t be a surprise for you when I tell you that we all are facing very challenging times. In my career I’ve never experienced that most economies are doing quite well in general, but that at the same time our line of business is under pressure. Up to July the Swiss statistics ( shows a minus world wide of -11,1%. We at MeisterSinger are still on the positive side of the turnover line and we thank you for all your efforts to reach that. Nevertheless the backorder status is reason for slight concern.

However we are convinced that we, with your help and support, will bring this year again to an end with a positive result. This will not come easy since the big groups are giving massive pressure to the retailers since they need the turnover whatever it costs. One of our retailers told me this morning on the phone; “I am quite a big customer of both Richemont and Swatch group, but I don’t feel like a customer with both of them for a long time now. I hope they will fall flat on their faces soon, will be good for them to learn some humility…….”

These kind of behaviour gives us as MeisterSinger the opportunity to enter and to give these jewellers the feeling that at MeisterSinger they still are customer and appreciated when they place an order. Edit his or her feeling of being unsatisfied treated by the big groups. Keep telling our story and how we treat customers, that we aren’t competing with any other brand and bring them additional turnover! With us the retailer is able to surprise (single hand), teach (craftsmanship) and entertain (philosophy and story of time in general) his customer and every jeweller is looking for that! 

Any retailer telling that his job isn’t about to surprise and entertain his customer is either a Rolex retailer or soon out of business!
One day we all will benefit and this day will come perhaps quicker as you’ll expect!

To start with some real positive news towards the autumn; we will introduce 2 new references in the Phanero line.

Novelty Autumn 2016: Phanero Mother of Pearl

After the very successful launch at Basel 2016 quite a number of retailers and distributors asked us for these kinds of dials for this line. We first waited for the sell-out results and we have seen that also consumers embraced this model since sell out is very well during the past 4 months. So it’s safe to say that also these new references will appeal highly to consumers. Due to the material of the dial, we think that mostly ladies will be attracted to the Phanero Mother of Pearl.

Fact sheet Phanero Mother of Pearl
Retail price: € 1.549,00
Availability: End of September / beginning of October. *

For your press contacts you can download the press release here.

* Please forward your order to your contact person at our office in Münster a.s.a.p. since the first series of both models are only 75 pieces each and first come is first serve.


Top 20

Hereby again as reminder the latest Top 20. A great selling tool for you to sell in during the coming months!

Core range

Regularly we get the question; what should our retailer have on stock in order to have a good average assortment of MeisterSinger and following that good chance to sell to an interested consumer. As attachment you receive our advised start collections 2016:

15 watches : good average – good chance of selling to consumer
18 watches : better average – better chance of selling to consumer
22 watches : best average – best chance of selling to consumer

Life can be really simple, since less gives lower chances and more gives better chances! ! Take advantage of these collection proposals in order to convince your retailer to keep a certain minimum stock and sell the missing pieces. This of course in combination with our Top-20.

That's it for now

Wish you all the best with this important period for all of us!

Should you have any questions or need marketing materials / graphic’s etc.  please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Take care and keep in touch.

Warmest regards,


Manfred Brassler   John van Steen



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