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MeisterSinger Distribution Newsletter July 2016

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Dear partners and friends of MeisterSinger,

We hope that you all are doing fine and are getting ready to fuel up during this coming summer holiday in order to be full of energy for the remaining part of 2016.

With this newsletter we want to inform you about some practical and other business matters. 

Business in first half of 2016

We don’t tell you anything new when we say that we are living in very challenging times. The Swiss watch industry dropped in total 10% over the first 6 months of 2016. Source – watch statistics. Reduction of working hours at Richemont group brands, expected layoffs after summer holidays at several brands and the first brands who are getting out of business. However there are still brands which are doing quite well, mainly German and happily or better said naturally we are one of them…… up to now with a plus of 10% so far this year. Reason; we are offering something unique and authentic for quiet affordable prices. Consumers worldwide are looking either for the big names and/or for unique products like MeisterSinger which have a philosophy and a story to tell and emphasis the natural need of consumers to distinguish themselves from others. Of course we are also facing the disadvantages of these hard times in our industry since retailers are being pushed by the big groups to buy and buy since turnover have to be reached. Retailers are under pressure by those groups, but of course purchase budget is more limited due to decrease of sales and the re-order is then less for other brands like MeisterSinger even if these brands are still successful. What can we do about it? Keep being active and consistent towards the retailer and potential retailer; tell them over and over again what a wonderful unique brand we have and tell them about OUR positive development. Don’t let your enthusiasm being influenced by the negative atmosphere out there; better times in our business will follow for sure and we have to make sure that we remain full in the picture of our (potential) retailers, since once those better times are there we have to be the brand which is full in focus of that shop owner! We know from our own experience it’s not easy to act or perform like this in the current market circumstances, since it’s natural for us human beings to hide when it storms, but believe us: all your hard work will be rewarded in the end since we will be one of the brands who will survive!
As a useful tool for your acquisition we hereby add our company presentation in English ion Powerpoint so you can translate and add some information about your own company.
We saw a nice picture with a saying of Henry Ford, see below. Replace the word advertising by acquiring and its perfect description of what we mean. Keep being active and FOCUS!


MeisterSinger Company Presentation

Top 20 first half year 2016

Hereby you receive our worldwide Top 20 in turnover over the first half of 2016. You can see that the Phanero has entered this Top 20 with several dial variations in high rankings. The sell in, but also sell out of this Basel 2016 novelty is extremely good. Also the new Circularis Automatic enters this Top 20 list same as the Salthora Meta Transparent. A confirmation from what we already saw during Basel; very well accepted 2016 novelties. This of course makes us happy and proud!

Reference list from Top retailers worldwide

This list may be of use by the acquisition in your country. It’s a word document so you can adjust it however you like. In case you miss retailers in your region on this list which could be interesting to add for the rest of the World; please let us know.


In our newsletter some weeks ago we’ve already informed you about this, but to be sure again our remark about the wall and desk clocks:

The wall clocks WU01 and WU02 are completely sold out and will not be in the collection any longer.

The desk clocks WU18 and WU18B are still available, however in small quantities and will be out of stock and also out of collection by autumn.

We are developing alternatives for these Wall and Desk clocks and will inform you in autumn about this. To warn you upfront: there will be a period where no clocks will be available.

WU01 / WU18
WU01 / WU18
WU02 / WU18B
WU02 / WU18B

Summer Holiday

As you all know it from the last years, our offices will be open during all summer. Of course in certain periods with limited staff, but there will always be somebody to help you.
The only department which will be closed is our watchmaking department; they will be closed from July 18th till August 01st. In advance our apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this.
John will enjoy a holiday in Italy from July 14th till August 01st.

That it’s for now

Before closing this newsletter we want again tell you that we are proud to have such a nice and enthusiastic group of partners worldwide and that we highly appreciate all the work you do.

Rest us only to wish you a wonderful summer period with enjoyable times with your family, lots of sun and rest to go with full energy at full speed into the rest of the year!


Take care and keep in touch.

Warmest regards,



Manfred Brassler   John van Steen




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