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MeisterSinger Distribution Newsletter April 2016

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Dear friends and Partners of MeisterSinger,

It’s now a couple of weeks since we left BaselWorld 2016 behind us. And what a week that was:

  • We have had over 250 appointments at our booth
  • We increased our turnover with more than 35% compared to 2015.
  • We have found new partners in Japan and Scandinavia
  • We have gathered, also thanks to some of you, new, very interesting contacts f.e. in Mexico / South Korea, South America and Jamaica
  • More and more well-known retailers and important press worldwide found the way to our booth

And it didn’t stop after the fair; immediately after our return at the office in Münster we started already to deliver some of the novelties to our customers. We have never been so early with that, so compliments to production and purchase for this, so it will give us all a real advantage during the rest of the year.

Before going further I would like to share with you a quote of a very important retailer from Asia to whom I asked, why he found his way this year to our booth and he told me:

“Mister van Steen your brand is the most unique brand at this whole fair; all other brands are look-a-likes and copy paste of each other and beside that also too high priced, your brand can’t be compared with anything else and is still attractive from price point and I expect to create additional sales with this brand. Don’t ever leave your position or forget your uniqueness!”

After that visit I knew for sure; for MeisterSinger and therefore for us all there’s only one way and that’s up!

Now let us recap the Basel novelties:

Circularis Automatic and Hand-wound

Very well received by our customers. Of course hand-wound a little less since this was a relaunch, but this model will catch up during the rest of the year. Delivery of both versions will start soon.
Don’t forget that every dial variation of both executions is also available with an 18K bezel!

Data sheet Circularis Automatic

Data sheet Circularis



Circularis Sunburst Anthracite


Incredible the quantity of watches sold from this reference during Basel and also in the past weeks after Basel. At the moment it looks like we won’t have enough of the Phanero this year based on our first forecast and historical figures of previous novelties. So we are doing our best to increase production for this piece. Nevertheless a small warning from this place: It might be possible that we will not be able to fulfil all orders for the rest of the year. Delivery already started, but we are now out of stock again. Will be available again in couple of weeks.


Data sheet Pnaero

Phanero Ivory
Phanero Anthracite with golden Appliques
Phanero Anthracite with red Appliques
Phanero Blue
Phanero Green

Salthora Meta Transparent

As expected this model will fulfil his role as sellable talking piece and will ensure that consumers do understand much better the uniqueness of our jumping hour. As said before, in our opinion every retailer who’s selling the Salthora should have one.

Data sheet Salthora Meta Transparent

Salthora Meta Transparent

New No.02

Welcomed by all retailers as a useful complimentary watch for the collection.

Data sheet No.02 relaunch

No.02 Ivory
No.02 Sunburst Blue
No.02 Sunburst Green

Line Extensions

Blue No.1 / Green Pangaea and Neo: as expected simply good

Singulator limited edition and Paleograph: We already sold 25 of the 50 pieces of the limited Singulator, the Paleograph will find it's way.

Data sheet line extensions

No.01 Sunburst Blue
Pangaea Sunburst Green
Neo Sunburst Green
Singulator Sunburst Anthracite
Paleograph Sunburst Anthracite

15 pieces 18K Edition Peter Henlein

What can we say? Sold out!

Edition Peter Henlein

Start Collections

Here you can find our new start collections of 15, 18 and 22 watches.
Of course this is just an advice and indication. Dial executions may well vary.


15 watches18 watches22 watches

Presentation method

During Basel we received more than once question about our presentation methods and if they can be bought. The answer is yes, see attached PDF document.

Travel options


We saw a big increase in journalists coming to see and write about us in Basel. Hereby we have some examples for you:



Fortune Character watches
Fortune Character watches
Les Rhabilleurs
Les Rhabilleurs
Time and watches
Time and watches

New "Rituals of Time" Images

At Basel we also introduced some new image pictures of Rituals of Time. They can be, of course, also used in your MeisterSinger advertisements.



Subway 01
Subway 01
Subway 02
Subway 02
Father and daughter
Father and daughter

Adhaesio wins two design awards

It might have gone under with all the other news, but our introduction of last year, the Adhaesio, has won the prestigious iF Design award and red dot design award.

Press text iF Design award
Press text red dot design award



Adhaesio wins iF and red dot

Basel novelties on YouTube

We MeisterSinger have uploaded our novelties on YouTube and would be happy to welcome you on our channel.

MeisterSinger on YouTube

That it’s for now

If you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Take care and keep in touch.

Warmest regards,


John van SteenManfred Brassler




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