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MeisterSinger Distribution Newsletter 21/2013

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distribution newsletter 20/2013
May 2013
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Dear Partner,

As already several times communicated to you we have been working on an excellent sales and press tool for you; The MeisterSinger DropBox and I've some good news for you:

The MeisterSinger DropBox is ready

With this tool you will be able to:

  • Show the Basel Novelties to your customers
  • Have an overview about our complete collection including special editions etc.
  • Complete overview of all our marketing material like Displays / Advertisements / Catalogs / Workbook / Table  presentation
  • Sales internal chapter where you can find how to show MeisterSinger to your customers / writeable orderforms /news section with stocklists etc etc
  • Forward download links retailers for use on their websites - other communication
  • Forward download links to press for press reports in order to generate as much as free publicity as possible.

and I can write pages with all kind of things you can do with our dropbox. It's really a great tool which will help you to show MeisterSinger to new customers and convince them to take the brand, support your MeisterSinger retailers in the most optimal way and encourage them to sell more and more MeisterSingers all around the world. So absolutely a must to use for all of us, so please sign up; see link below.

The dropbox will be updated continuously and can be viewed both on your PC / Laptop and Tablet. Please install them on all of them.
Needless to say, but the DropBox is for our Distribution partner. We're thinking also about an execution for Retailers, but that's not decided yet.

In order to sign up and work with this dropbox, please visit the link below. In this you will be guided step by step what to do in order to install it and how to work with the Dropbox:

As for the download of pictures for you , your retailers and your press contacts the following important information:

How to download pictures from the Dropbox

If you like to download pictures, please click on the picture you like to have and scroll with your mouse to the three points on the right bottom of the picture. If you click onto the points, the option “download” occurs. Choose download and you will easily get the picture and can save it wherever you want. In the retailer folder which can be used by all stockists for their website needs, all pictures are online as quick .jpg downloads.

At the press folder you will find all pictures also as high resolution .psd files which can be also used for high quality printing matters.


Remarks and improvement proposals are always welcome and should you've any questions please let us know at:

We wish you a lot of succes with using this dropbox and looking forward to receive your sign up request for joining the dropbox.

Warmest regards,





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