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Dear Partners and Friends of MeisterSinger,

In about 2 weeks’ time you will be visiting our annual distribution meeting here in Münster. We are really looking forward to welcome you and spend with you all some very interesting, constructive and pleasant days.

Upfront some useful information about these days.


As attachment you will receive our Agenda for this meeting.

So the meeting will officially start on Thursday evening at 19.30 PM with a welcoming walking dinner at our office in the harbour of Münster, however if you have any business to settle with one of our staff members at the office you’re more than welcome to arrive here from 3.00 pm on. FYI: On Friday and Saturday the meeting will be held in a Hotel in the centre of Münster so we will not be at the office anymore during the time of the meeting.


Ein Hotel der Kolping Hotels & Resorts
Stadthotel Münster GmbH
Aegidiistraße 21
48143 Münster
Tel.  +49 (0) 251 4812 - 132
Fax. +49 (0) 251 4812 - 123 

Travel schedule and stay

Please inform our Bianca Johannsen ( about following:

  • Your approximate time of arrival in Münster on February 11th and how you arrive in Münster (Car/Train). If you need any help with for example train connections etc. please let her know.
  • The meeting will end on Saturday February 13th around 12.30. If you can’t attend this day or only partial due to your travel schedule please let us know.  Would be a real pity since there will be some very interesting things discussed during that morning.
  • Diet or other special attentions; If there any allergies or other special wishes regarding your stay please let Bianca know well in advance so that she can arrange this.


Of course no meeting without a little work upfront:

  1. As you will understand we need your input to plan our production in Switzerland in the most optimal way. In about a week time John will send each of you an Excel sheet with your sale in pieces per reference over the year 2015 and what we ask from you is to return that form within a couple of days to us with your expectations for 2016.
  2. During the meeting there will at one moment an activity where we want to know following from you:
  • What’s bothering me from MeisterSinger with other words what can we improve?
  • What’s my fear regarding MeisterSinger with other words what should we not do?
  • What is my wish concerning MeisterSinger?
  • What is my best Unique Selling Point concerning MeisterSinger towards retailers/customers? Here we hopefully collect extra tools for sales acquisition which everybody can use in practice!

Think about it, we will work that out in groups during the meeting.

That's it for now

If you’ve any questions / remarks please let us know.
Take care and see you all soon.

Warmest regards from Münster,


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