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Dear Partners and Friends of MeisterSinger,

We hear a lot of competitors complaining and even closing new factories and/or having reduction of working hours etc. And when we are studying the figures from both, retailers and brands, turnover seems to be dropping every month more and more. But despite all this, MeisterSinger is growing again this year and this even in double digit numbers.
We are proud of our situation which we reached also thanks to you. One of our Dutch customers described it as follows: “the reason why MeisterSinger is one of the few brands which is still successful in my shops is the fact that it’s unique with a real nice price level and now, with all technical developments like Salthora, Paleograph and Circularis, consumers find it a real alternative for all the well-known brands which they’ve seen by now. Also the new marketing campaign “Rituals of Time” is received very well by consumers; it makes them to understand the brand more easily. In the shops from this retailer with a collection of brands like Omega, IWC , Breitling, Longines , Tag Heuer , Bell&Ross, Oris etc. MeisterSinger is taking the second place in terms of sell-out right after Omega! Of course this is an experience we have in Holland where we are very successfully active for more than ten years now,but nevertheless it's an important signal.
Message of all of this: Now is the time for us all to benefit of this situation. Retailers are looking for alternatives which are unique, consumers appreciate the concept and we as MeisterSinger have the goods; 1+1=2.
Let us harvest!


But it’s not all fun at MeisterSinger:

As described above the investments of the technical novelties Salthora and Circularis and in the new Marketing campaign Rituals of Time are heavy for a small company like MeisterSinger.
Also for 2015 we are developing many interesting things. Of course we see the results in the double digit growth and future looks bright for all of us, but in order to control this growth we need your help.

The above mentioned investments means for MeisterSinger a substantial financial challenge which we need to control in a very smart way. Till now this isn’t a problem, but with the continuous grow we are in now it could become one. We are a pro-active company so we like to be ahead of this. This means that we must be very strict in our payment terms and can’t accept any delay.

As you all know MeisterSinger emphasis and invests a lot in partnership with you, our partner abroad. But as you also will understand as businessman, in a situation like this with continuous grow also in export countries, we need financial strong partners who can finance the growth in their countries by their own. After all we are a watch company and not a bank. For us it was important to tell you that in this stage, unfortunately, our sources aren’t unlimited and we need to be strict and firm in this aspect. Thanks in advance.

This said, now back to the news:


The introduction of this unique and wonderful new model has been very successful. The critics we received worldwide were very positive and due to that, the demand /pre-sales are increasing rapidly, so at this moment the demand is higher than the production output.

Production in Switzerland is working very hard, almost 24/7, to get all orders out in this month and beginning of December. We do all we can to deliver all open orders a.s.a.p., if you’ve any questions about the current delivery situation please contact our office.


Pangaea Day Date wins German Design Award:

We are proud to inform you that one of our bestsellers, the Pangaea Day Date, has won the prestigious German Design Award.
For more information please contact Daniel Witzke at

Pangaea Day Date won the German Design Award

Top 20 bestsellers till October 2014

As attachment you receive the latest Top 20 list. Very useful tool for your sales people to advice their customers.

“End of the Year Present” time:

It’s almost end of the year and we have the experience that our wall and desk clocks are a well-accepted X-mas presents for a lot of consumers. Be ready for this and send the attached order form to us a.s.a.p. in order to receive stock in time for this important period.

Order form wall clocks

Order form wall clocks distributor

Order form

Hereby the latest version of our order form with also the new Circularis on it.As written before very useful and simple tool to control the stock of your retailers and to make the most out of your visit.

Stock form


In Münster we are (except with the Circularis, see above) ready for the end of the year season; all models are available on stock. Prepare yourself for this important season and the expected higher demand for MeisterSinger by taking the important models on stock. Nice tool for this is of course the Top-20 list.

Looking forward to receive your orders anytime!

Opening hours MeisterSinger during the month of December:

During the month of December our offices will be opened also every Friday till 17:00 o’clock.
Between Christmas and New Year our offices will be opened on Monday 29th Dec. and Tuesday 30th Dec.
Our offices will be closed on December 24th and 31st and January 2nd 2015.
That’s all for now.  Should you’ve any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.
We wish you all an extreme successful end of the year sales and hope to hear from you soon.


Manfred Brassler     John van Steen



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