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Distribution Newsletter CW 42 / 2013

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MeisterSinger Newsletter
November 2013
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Dear Partners,

I hope you’re all doing well and are very busy with end of the year business.

Country editions introduced the last 2 months:
The last 2 months we delivered several country editions which has been proven to be an ideal tool to create an increased demand and awareness for our brand in a country.

Turkey: A limited Edition of 3 models; Perigraph 2x and a Neo. Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. Of each model so far 30 pieces have been produced.

Retailer Information Booklet
Turkey Editions Perigraph

Retailer Information Booklet
Turkey Editions NEO

Netherlands: It’s a tradition in my country to have each year a Dutch MeisterSinger Limited Edition. This year we had already the 10th version. Model Perigraph with black PVD case. Total 113 pieces

Retailer Information Booklet
Netherlands Edition

France: A start of a new tradition for our friends in France? A very nice model with a French touch! Model No. 3 with Date. Total 50 pieces.

Retailer Information Booklet
France Edition

Belgium: A tribute to the famous Belgium harmonica player Toots Thielemans. Watch the numbers at 9 – 4 and 2 o’clock – it’s the birthday of Toots Thielemans! Very nice model with a Belgium flair!
Model No.3. Total 50 pieces.

Retailer Information Booklet
Belgium Edition

Austria: A wink to the National Holiday of Austria; October 26. The 10 is marked red and the 26th of the date ring is also red. Model No.3 with date. Total 26 pieces

Retailer Information Booklet
Austria Edition

BM models – 38 mm casing now really running out:
As already mentioned to you a couple of times; from 2014 on we will stop with the 38 mm models in our collection and during the last couples of weeks already some models are no longer available:
No.1 38 mm BM 33.xx – completely sold out
No.3 38 mm BM 9.xx – BM 901 sold out
Perigraph 38 mm BM 10.xx – BM 1007 sold out
From the other 38 mm models in the No.3 and Perigraph collection a few pieces are still on stock. Should you wish to receive some of these models for your stock/customers please contact us a.s.a.p.

Due to a rapidly increasing retailer network worldwide we unfortunately have run out of Displays. A new batch, which will be slightly adjusted, will be delivered to us end of Januar 2014. So we will be able to send out Displays again by Februar 2014. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

Award Paleograph:
Last weekend in Vienna our model Paleograph won the 3rd price in the prestigious Success Class of the Austrian Chrono Award. This election is organized by the Financial magazines Trend and Format and are elections were the consumer votes. Needless to say that we’re very proud of this award and recognition by the consumers!

New booklets Paleograph and Singulator:

In order to inform your retailer and consumers even better why these models are so unique and special and to explain why they have compared to the rest of our collection a higher price we created for these high lights of our collection a special booklet. Available in German and English. Should you need some copies please contact your salesperson at MeisterSinger
Find both brochures here.

In one of my last newsletter I introduced you our new distributor in the USA; Duber Time.
The start is really great there; already 10 retailers joined us in the USA and the first sell out results are amazing. Seems that the USA consumer loves  the MeisterSinger philosophy . We can’t wait to see what will happen there next year.  And as you all know; we all will benefit from a success in the USA as it’s one of the most important watch markets of the World.

These last 3 weeks MeisterSinger exhibit at 3 major consumer watch shows in Europe ( Munich – London and Vienna) and one in the middle east (Bahrain). We notice that consumer interest and the brand awareness is growing year by year and this gives us so much energy to work even harder in order to exceed our result from this year in 2014.

Last but not least:

Stock / Deliveries this year:
In order to be able to deliver you all in time for the X-mas season we advice you to inform us a.s.a.p. about your orders for this important period. Most models are on stock, but experience from the last years showed that this could change rapidly due to extreme high demand worldwide.
That’s it for now, but not before I wanted to say this to you:
Due to the fact that another year draws to the end I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and confidence in our company. Only due to your continuous support it is possible for us to keep up our position in the international watch market, which is highly appreciated by us.
Keep in touch and a lot of success with the sales in the last couple of weeks.

Warmest regards,

John van Steen


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