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Here you can share your opinions about us and MeisterSinger. We are very much looking forward to your comments. For questions or suggestions, please use our contact form. Please note that guestbook entries will be published within 2-3 working days.

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My life changed due to health.
My doctor suggested a smartwatch to monitor myself- I bought my first Meistersinger and changed lifestyle instead.
Thank you. My life is better and my health has improved.

I have three N.01 - 4 foot diameter wall clock, 1 foot diameter wall clock and wrist watch.

I would love to have this clock face on my Android phone, Windows laptop and iMac. Could you help?

Regards from Claus.

Claus Dohrn from Norway 19.05.17


In 2008 I owned a No.1 model but it came off my wrist in a crowd at a concert. I recently acquired a replacement, a Unomatik, and fell in love again. Beautiful watches and I own Rolexes, Panerai, Cartier etc. Well done!

Cecil O'Brien from Dubai 31.03.17


I really enjoyed reading , bookmarked your page

Marco Vilares 31.01.17


The circularis in 18kt with blue dial is stunning ! I have seen that there is a circularis and a circularis 5 - what is the difference


Hello Mr. Goldstein,
thank you for your entry in our guestbook. We have two different models of our Circularis until now. First one with handwound movement and a second with automatic movement and date function.

Keith Goldstein from Denver colorado - united states 31.01.17


Die N.01 ist cool! Vor 7 Jahre habe ich das erste mal eine Meistersinger gesehen, ich war hingerissen, das hat mich immer wieder beschäftigt, habe vor einigen Jahren die APP runtergeladen und genossen - und jetzt? Gestern zu meinem runden Geburtstag hat mich meine Familie mit einer Meistersinger 01 überrascht! Zeit hat keine Zeit. R. De Francisci, Andiast, Schweiz

Rosario DeFrancisci from Andiast, Schweiz 15.01.17


NL Edition 2016 watch number73, has found its home in Newcastle, North East England. On its Milanaise bracelet it is simply a stunningly elegant, beautifully proportioned thing. Love at first sight - it is also the perfect reminder of the times I have spent working in The Netherlands.

Dominic Graham 22.12.16