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Exceptional Design

With an unshakeable belief in the strength of simplicity, MeisterSinger has been delighting mechanics enthusiasts as well as lovers of convincing and timeless design right from the start. It’s no wonder that MeisterSinger is regularly awarded major design prizes for its highly creative quality.


Red Dot design award 2016
iF design award 2016

N° 01

Red Dot design award 2004
iF design award 2004
Goldene Unruh 2004 - 3. place in specific category
Watch of the year in the Netherlands 2004
Goldene Unruh 2005 - 2. place in specific category
Design award Federal Republic of Germany 2005 - nomination

N° 03

Good Design award 2007
Design award Federal Republic of Germany 2007 - nomination


Red Dot design award 2009
Goldene Unruh 2009 - 4. place in specific category
GOOD DESIGN award 2009
Design award Federal Republic of Germany 2010 - nomination
Watch Of The Year 2012