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Dial and bezel

A classic single-hand wristwatch. However, the hour digits are displayed on the dial in a fine serif typeface. A small ‘30’ in the outer circle indicates the half-hours, making it easier to read. The circular recess in the centre provides greater structure and vibrancy. The extremely slender bezel makes the dial appear larger than it actually is.


The design of the case is reflected in the shape of the crown. It is a perfect visual complement to the Circularis and its 7 mm outer diameter makes winding a highly pleasurable experience.

Dear friends of special timepieces,

the idea of the single-hand watch embodies an attitude of relaxed, self-determined time perception. We firmly believe that good things need time in order to become even better than before. We too have taken our time to proudly present you with a milestone in product development: the Circularis, featuring the new MSH01 movement. For us it means a lot more than “merely” another watch in the range. The technical finesse of this movement is the cornerstone of a new family of Circularis wristwatches that feature both new functions and models. We invite you to get to know the facets and distinctive features of our latest masterpiece.

Manfred Brassler,
founder and designer

Twin in-series mainspring barrels

Two in-series mainspring barrels provide the movement with an abundant five-day power reserve. The in-series springs guarantee smooth power delivery to the movement – and hence an outstanding degree of precision.

Bridge with circular graining

The rhodium-plated bridge is exquisitely shaped, provides an unimpeded view of the essential inner components such as the “mainspring barrels” and the “assortment” and is simultaneously the important third design element of this timepiece. As a final touch, the elaborate circular graining provides additional brilliance.

Balance with adjustment

The vibration of the Glucydur balance is controlled via an eccentric fine adjustment. The assortment ensures chronometric inner precision, which the wearer is aware of, but as a lover of single-hand watches, calmly ignores.

Wheel train

The wheel train has also been newly designed. Apart from its robustness and efficiency, here too the singularities of the one-hand watch have been taken into account. As a single, long hour hand needs to run with particular precision, a dial train with spring wheel minimises backlash to practically zero.


The result is bound
to amaze you.

The MSH01 movement

The unusual geometry of the bridge, which was specially designed for the Circularis, lends the movement its inimitable appearance. The meticulous attention to detail is also shown in the finishing: The elaborate circular graining, the beveled, highly polished chamfers, and the engraving with gold inlay make the movement a pleasure to behold.

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