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Circularis Automatic – 
expanding the premium line

At Baselworld 2016 the Münster-based watch manufacturer MeisterSinger was unveiling a further development of its manual wind movement MSH01: The MSA01 has a rotor winding mechanism with a circling tungsten weight that supplies the two barrels with energy while at the same time offering a clear view of the unique movement geometry. This unimpeded view is also safeguarded by delicate skeletonizing of the rotor, which resembles the fermata in the manufacturer's logo.

The first model powered by the MSA01 is the Circularis Automatic. Its classic Meis-terSinger face has been enhanced with a number of unique features. The hour digits have been mounted on the face as applications. Like the white and red hour hand, the small metal-plated index markers have been coated with superluminova, making it possible to read the time even in the dark. The recess of the round date window has been meticulously metallized as well.


The movement MSA01

The new MSA01 automatic movement is just as focused and precise as MeisterSinger itself. The gyrating tungsten rotor reliably supplies the dual mainspring barrels with sufficient energy for a 120-hour power reserve. The in-series barrels guarantee both a smooth, regular power transfer and great accuracy.

A unique feature The tungsten rotor winding mechanism reveals a view of the mainspring barrels, and its skeletonization reminds us of the fermata in the MeisterSinger logo.

Circularis – single-hand watch with Power and elegance

The MSH01 is the first movement developed for MeisterSinger by Swiss specialists. Because a single, long hour hand must be especially precise, it requires a design with a dual minute wheel that minimizes the play of the hand. The robust caliber collects energy for 120 hours of power reserve in two barrels for this purpose. The MSH01 became the first watch movement to win the Red Dot Design Award, in good part because of the uniquely shaped gear bridge that MeisterSinger founder and designer Manfred Brassler added to this technical masterpiece as the crowning aesthetic touch.

A movement made to measure - the MSH01

The 14½-line hand-wound MSH01 combines power with elegance in a quintessential manner. Two mainspring barrels supply the movement with sufficient energy to form a 5-day power reserve. The in-series design means power is delivered to the movement far more evenly than a single spring would be capable of, ensuring great precision.
The meticulous attention to detail is also shown in the finishing: The elaborate circular graining, the beveled, highly polished chamfers, and the engraving with gold inlay make the movement a pleasure to behold.

Circularis Manual In expanding the Circularis premium line, MeisterSinger has also reworked the hand-wind model. The second generation of the Circularis Manual has a more streamlined typography than the first models, with galvanized hour digits and sophisticated index markers that give it a higher quality appearance as well. Like the single hour hand, they are coated in superluminova, making it possible to read the time even at night.